Empowered To Overcome Women's Ministry - Company Message
Vision Statement:
Changing mindsets and lives, one person at a time while EMPacting the nation for the glory of God! 

Mission/Purpose Statement:
The way of highest significance in life does not lie in acquiring security and self-made prestige.  Significance lies in being a blessing to the nations.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  Far more than a duty, it is our destiny! 
About the Founder/Executive Director
Minister Kimberly M. Speights
Under the direction of the Holy Spirit, her Pastor Rev. Rodney Standfield and Life Coach, First Lady Telayo Standfield, she will teach physically, emotionally and sexually abused women how to overcome the trap of the enemy, using the Holy Spirit, a renewed mindset and the word of God as guides.
Using her past of physical, emotional and sexual abuse, having turned to pleasing the lustful desires of her flesh and surrendering her mind to the ways of the world, she will use the steps God gave her to help her heal and restore the seat of authority of her life back to its original owner.........GOD.

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1044
Birmingham, AL  35201