Empowered To Overcome Women's Ministry - Company Message
Mission/Purpose Statement:
Changing mindsets and lives, one person at a time while EMPacting the nation for the glory of God! 

Vision Statement:
The way of highest significance in life does not lie in acquiring security and self-made prestige.  Significance lies in being a blessing to the nations.  We are blessed to be a blessing.  Far more than a duty, it is our destiny! 
What We Offer:
Mentoring Sessions are offered through our Leadership And Mentoring Program (LAMP), to girls ages 6-17.  

Identifying and breaking cycles are offered through our Cycle Breakers Program.  This program also offers Life Coaching/Eagles/Accountability Partnering.  Participants must be 18 years of age and older and commit to an 8 week curriculum.

We see a need and try to meet it and we do this through our Outreach Program.  We not only offer and connect those in need with resources, we also volunteer at various shelters, community kitchens, and nursing homes.

Mailing Address:
85 Bagby Drive
Suite 210
Birmingham, AL  35209